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Welcome To MDR Aero

At MDR Aero, we represent a different way of doing business.

MDR Aero’s business goal is to provide our customers “service and satisfaction.” Our customers know that we are there to provide them with reliable service, as we support their needs in achieving their goals, all while helping them control cost. We provide a wide range of products and services to the aviation and aerospace industries. Our professional and knowledgeable staff provides our customers with exceptional services.

At MDR Aero, we take part in reducing our customer’s overall costs through innovative and flexible aviation parts supply and repair solutions. MDR Aero combines advanced e-procurement and consignment systems with a comprehensive inventory of airframe components: aircraft engine parts, expendables, rotables and avionics systems offering customers a one stop source for all of their supply chain requirements.

We take pride in accepting your challenges! The next time you find yourself in need of a specific material, just call MDR Aero! We may just have the competitive advantage to satisfy your needs.









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